With further investigation. We found that this figure is in fact a Nike, Goddess of victory. This is thought to be a figurine that decorates a large bowl. This nike is running forward, in an awkward position. There are many figures like this leading us to believe that that these go around a bowl or krater. The object in her right hand is difficult to identify therefore the function is unknown. This is a very skilled piece of art, all of the lines and details prove a lot of time was spent working on this piece. Many of the bronze figurines were salvaged from this time and one of these figurines is held in the British Museum. Because this piece is part of a larger unknown piece it does not hold large significance. If we were to find the bowl it belonged to maybe there would be a worshiping purpose to it. Nikes were very common around this era. She is a goddess therefor worshiped by most. Making her very common in many Greek households. Because we know that this is part of a bigger piece it is safe to assume that this piece if very small. The size is probably less than 6 inches. There are multiple nikes to go around the rim of the bowl probably for the sole purpose of keeping balance of the bowl. Trying to find the suspected bowl is a lost cause.

Image Credit: http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/highlight_objects/gr/b/bronze_figure_of_nike.aspx
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