This is a piece from the Lydian Hoard collection of Turkey. It is a small brooch of a golden hippocampus, a hippocampus is typically a half horse half fish, and in this case a half horse fish with wings, it was considered the masterpiece of this collection. This hippocampus brooch is barely an inch and a half in height and weighs 14.3 grams. It was found in Sardis in the Usak province of Turkey; it was excavated illegally by looters and sold to various museums. It is believed to have been made around the time of King Croesus between 560-547 BCE (7th century BCE). Made of gold and along with the rest of the Lydian Hoard collection was considered to be cursed. In 2006 it was discovered that the gold hippocampus brooch had been stolen and replaced with a fake, it has since been recovered and is now on display Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

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