This piece depicts a woman riding a hybrid which has the torso of a bull, and a long, serpent-like tail. It can be assumed that this image is a small piece of a narrative that depicts a greek story or myth because on the side of the picture, one can see that the sculpture continues going past the frame of the picture. The artwork itself is very realistic, intricate, and smooth. The line work is curved and soft, and the sculpture was most likely painted with bright colours, like many of the other greek sculptures at the time, but the colours have since faded. This piece was likely featured on a pediment, considering it is very compact and all the details of the sculpture are close together. The work today, looks white like the stone it was made out of because the coloured paint that may have been used would have long since faded away.. The sculpture is very realistic-looking with intricate detailing in the folds of the woman’s clothing, and the bull’s protruding muscles. The way the woman and bull are posed together makes the piece have a very smooth, harmonious feel to it that lets one’s eyes flow easily from one detail to the next. This work could have been made in order to depict a story or to show worship to a god/goddess in a place of worship.

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