This is a gold jewelry piece, of a flying seahorse with chains hanging from the seahorse. The chains have stones connect at the bottom. Line is used to distinguish features and texture, like the scales and feathers. The lines are organic and curvy. It looks wrapped in gold, and light is used to have a glittering affect. The light and shadow of the piece is organic and dependent on the light in the real world. The main colours is gold and the black stones because of the primary materials. The texture of the object is very eye catching, from the scales to the stone holdings. The chains with stones are hang in three groups of three. The rhythm and repetition are shown in the scales and feathers. It seems disjunctive because of the chains. The medium of cast gold and rare stones show the importance, money and power of the wearer. This effect would be hard to achieve in other medium. The feeling is empowerment.

Shared by: Group 4
Image Credit: Unknown
Reuse License: Public Domain