Gayer-Anderson Cat Held at The British Museum From Saqqura, Egypt Late Period (661 – 332 B.C.) Height 42cm. Width 13cm Painted Bronze. Lost-wax casting The cat would have been created to show ones devotion to the goddess Bastet. Often Egyptians would burry mummified cats for her as well. The cat is seated, which draws the eye vertically when facing the statue head on. In the 1930’s or 40’s the cat was restored and painted green. Originally different metal alloy rings were placed around the tail giving it a stripped appearance. The cat is mostly smooth with the exception of some motifs. Etched into the neck are vertical and hooped lines giving the cat an exquisite collar. It also bears a silver protective wedjat eye amulet around its neck. It also has an etched winged scarab on its chest. The cat is names Gayer-Anderson Cat after Major Gayer-Anderson who donated the cat to the museum. Sources: