Describing What You See – Bas relief of a pharaoh who has presumably passed away, surrounded by his wife and goddess mentor – This bas relief leads us to believe that this is a representation of the book of the dead – The goddess in the image has a crown with ostrich feathers – Sobek (The alligator god) is standing behind the goddess; Sobek could be waiting to hear whether he gets to feast on the pharaoh or not – Tool for lobotomy is between Sobek and the goddess – Sobek looks like he is wearing a head piece or crown, with ostrich feathers and cobras – Sobek is holding a Ankh; the Ankh is a symbol of life and death – The images in a column beside the goddess’ leg could be an representation of what this pharaohs cartouche would say – Provisions for the pharaoh in his after life are carved into the wall – This image could be carved as a tribute and memory of the pharaoh in his tomb – The medium of the bas relief looks like it could be carved out of limestone and looks as if it is fairly large – The way the image is carved into the stone creates very smooth lines – Repetition is prevalent in this bas relief; the way the people are standing showing important features of their bodies although unrealistic is used a lot throughout Egypt

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