Describing what you see: – Crouching pharaoh on a pedestal with Hathor and Horus standing by his sides made out of gold and lapis lazuli – The crouching pharaoh leads us to believe that this artifact is from the New Kingdom era – The size of the Pharaoh could indicate that he was younger in age; a possible theory is that this pharaoh is a representation of King Tutankhamen, crouching due to his possible disability – The crouching position also represents a younger mental state – The two gods by his side represent him not having a wife at the time of his passing; in most pictures the pharaoh is seen with his wife and his goddess mentor – The sun in between the cow horns are a key indication that this goddess is Hathor; the Cow Goddess – The falcon head indicates that the second god is Horus – The etching in the lapis lazuli could be a reign of his time as pharaoh – The gold and lapis lazuli could represent their wealth and how far their kingdom has spread – This artifact is much more realistic and less stylistic than the previous Egyptian era

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