This piece of artwork called Lamassu. Lamassu is an Assyrian protective deity who have a human’s head, a body of a lion or an ox and bird’s wings. His job is to protect royal palaces. There are a lot of winding lines to make Lamassu seems more vividly and people will think he may be a god. These smooth lines also make many strong shapes to organized his body. Because his wings are very thin so that people just can see his wings at side views. There are a lot of shadows in his eyes part which makes him looks like a commanding god. For this sculpture, light and dark works well together which make a lot of repetition textures. Because of the primary material used to create the object. This artwork is the normal stone colour which is yellowish brown. The texture of work drawn my attention because these textures makes many details to build a commanding Lamassu. These elements organized well in this sculpture. Lamassu is a piece of symmetrical and completely artwork. The composition seem harmonious. This Lamassu held by Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. It made by stone and made in ancient Kalhu between 883BC and 859 BC.

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