The Griffin- headed demon is a complete art work which has an eagle head with human’s body. Carve lines creative the light and shadow which works together to build a lot of details and tonal contrast. In this piece of artwork, lines create a lot of shapes and the spaces just creative three-dimensional view which make it looks more real. Because of the primary material used to create the object and there was no colour added so there is no colour skill in this piece. In those days, elephant tusk was rare item as art materials. The texture of work drawn my attention because they use repetitions makes the Griffin- headed demon got a pair of vivid wings and human’s cloth. However, there is not much visual rhythm in the composition. Although the sculpture is asymmetrical composition, it seem harmonious. This artwork is from assyrian but the material is not from assyrian cause their ivory is not smooth so they order from other country which near assyrian. This demon is symbol throne’s occupant. This artwork held by both Museum of Anatolian Civilization and The British Museum. It is around 10 cm tall and 6 cm wide. This little image was made in Toprakkale in Urarta, around 8th-7th century BCE.

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